The Rhythmhancers
For the last twelve years Jan has been the upright bass player in "The Rhythmhancers," a group formed by the outrageously talented DJ, The Golden Gup. Several times a year she and Bobby K, master of the drum kit, augment the sounds from Gup's choice song selections. From time to time Gup will lay out a track to accompany a vocal by Jan, but primarily Jan and Bobby K are there to add a new dimension to the dance music experience. Whether Gup is solo on a gig or with The Rhythmhancers, he is "the master" DJ, having a deft feel for the wants of the dancers. He is the antithisis of what so many deejays represent today: he doesn't scream for people to get on the dance floor; he inspires them. Whether they're at the famous Fifties Party, Lead East, or playing a wedding reception, or performing at an annual gala beside the Chesapeake, this group rocks...and everyone has a great time. Click here to learn more about the Rythmhancers.