Accompanied by the incomparable Jay D'Amico on the piano, Jan Findlay emerges as a superior and versatile talent in the
world of jazz vocalists. Recorded at the famed Sony Music Studios in Manhattan, Jan is backed up by bassist Greg D'Amico
and drummer Vinnie Favata. Sitting in on selected songs are the acclaimed Frank Vicari on sax and Danny Hayes on trumpet.

Reviews and comments

Wow! Two reviews ago I was tossing around adjectives like nuance and balance. Add subtlety, innately pitch perfect intonation and phrasing and toss in a pinch or three of swing and rubato. Whaddya get? A great jazz vocal record by local area musician and singer Jan Findlay, who had the dubious distinction of being the first guest ever on my radio program fourteen years ago. She was terrific then and the intervening years have only served to accrete an ever greater sense of musicality to her art. Jan is the real deal with a terrific song selection, a great group of players behind her who support and enhance like the greatest of lieder accompanists and a propulsive joie de vivre that pushes these versions into the realm of the definitive. Jan's so good she could cow everyone else but the best singers from hanging up their performing shoes and applying themselves more assiduously to their day jobs. Do I sound like a fool in love? You bet. With this record. Check this out and where you can catch Jan live at the Garage in NYC. Go to Google. Figure it out. It's worth the effort.
John Hammel, WNTI radio

Oh, yes! Jan Findlay knows how to deliver a song. And as terrific as her CD is, she absolutely owns the audience in her live performances. I love her natural stage presence, her song selections, her gorgeous voice and her ability to touch the sensibilities. She is a first class singer with panache! Jan would be the first to say that much of her success is credited to the Jay D'Amico Trio, who collaborated with Jan a few years back and continue to inspire her and the audiences through their consummate talent and creativity. This is outstanding jazz."
The Golden Gup, WMTR radio

"I love your CD "OLD DEVIL MOON". Great vocal performaces, and Jay puts in his usual excellent performances. Congrats on a great disc!" -- John Anello Jr., President, CEXTON RECORDS

"I can't stop listening to your CD! You have an amazing voice! What a gift!" -- P.P., East Boston, MA

"This morning I went to the dentist and had a root canal. It was fun....(for the dentist). But it's a good day, very good. Because I got my Jan Findlay CD in the mail. Listened to it for the third time. I'm not used to finding new artists who actually have talent. Nowadays singers are about 60/40 hype and talent. Ms. Findlay is all talent. Really strong voice. My
favorite cut is the last one, "What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life", a special favorite I discovered almost 20 years ago on an Abby Lincoln album. And I've liked "My Funny Valentine" since I first heard it on a Chet Baker album in 1953 (8th grade). Thanks for the music; I love it. And thanks for making what should have been a terrible day a fun one after all." -- P.L., Urbanna, VA

"A friend recently let me hear your music! I only needed to hear the first song on your CD when I was sold on it!!! Old Devil Moon is fabulous!! Jan sounds like you just walked into a jazz club in New Orleans with that great voice and wonderful musicians to complete the picture!!!" -- C.A.R., Tempe, AZ

"My wife Mary and I really enjoy your CD. You sound fantastic! Mary enjoys it so much that she won't give it back. So, I need one for myself. We're planning on coming to NY to hear you live! Wishing you every success." -- D.B. Newmarket, NH

"Last summer 2004, we met Jan (a fellow passenger) while on our Mediterranean cruise. We soon found out that she liked to sing the same kinds of music that we enjoy! Who would have thought that this petite woman could really belt out those tunes with such heart and soul. When she sang, I felt chills! As it turned out, she was the best entertainment on that cruise (and she volunteered)! Needless to say, I continue listening to Jan's CD, and when I'm not listening to it, the richness of her voice rings in my mind throughout the day!" -- R.D., San Francisco, CA

"Jan's CD is among my favorites in my 300 plus jazz CD collection. That collection includes Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Diana Krall as well as John Coltrane and Miles Davis." -- H.B., San Mateo, CA

"Jenna and I think your CD is absolute PERFECTION!!" -- K.B., North Reading, MA

"I was delighted to receive Jan's marvelous CD --- love it!" M.M. New York, NY

"I just got your CD and it is great. It arrived the same day as a Diana Krall CD that I had ordered and I have to say that it is pretty close to a toss up as to which one I like best. You did a marvelous job on this. Thanks for making such wonderful music. Keep me posted on your musical adventures." D.D., Spring, TX

"Just wanted you to know how much we are enjoying your CD...GREAT JOB...Don't think we can wear it out by overplaying it...but we're trying!!!!" B&M, Chester, NJ

"What a great CD. I was very impressed." S.L., Cleveland, OH

"The CD is FABULOUS!!! Your voice has gorgeous refined and complex qualities. Your renditions, especially of My Funny Valentine and What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life are top-notch! You oughtta be on Broadway. I hope there are many more CD's to come in the future." J.O., Palm Springs, CA

"Your voice is like dark chocolate wrapped in honey." K.C., New York, NY

"What a great CD! Jan, you are terrific and should be very, very proud of the final product. We can't believe this won't lead to bigger and better things, if that is what you want. For people who drive to Florida several times a year, CDs are treasured and ranked. This will go to the top of our line...Thanks for the wonderful entertainment that we'll enjoy over and over." M.H., Toms River, NJ

"Thanks for sending the CD. It sounds so wonderful. I wish I could sing like you. Maybe in my next life." B.K., Whitefish, MT

"These are some of my all-time favorites done as beautifully as I have ever heard them -- Beautiful musicianship all the way 'round." D.W., Lock Haven, PA

"What a GREAT CD!! We love it. We had guests over for dinner and we had you in with Ella, Billie and Frank and they asked who that was...It was a proud moment!! That last note on "Devil" would make Barbra herself proud. We gave it 4 stars ****!!" J&S, Hoboken, NJ

"I very much enjoyed your CD and enjoy listening to it on my way to work. Great group behind you." J.T., Tucson, AZ

"I've listened to the CD 5 or 6 times more. It gets better everytime...I can't decide what my favorite song is, so I guess I'll keep listening."
M.H., Toms River, NJ